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SPEAK WELL 101: Your Guide To Reducing The Fear Of Public Speaking And Communicating Effectively

SPEAK WELL 101: Your guide to reducing the fear of public speaking and communicating effectively

3 Simple Tips

If you are reading this blog, you probably want to improve your communication skills, have an upcoming presentation or simply want to convey compelling messages. You are not alone. I have been trying to accomplish these goals for a long time and now a master at it. Believe it or not, I too, feared public speaking: Prior to college, I was extremely social and talkative interpersonally. However, I always said that I would rather not climb up the corporate ladder due to the fear of public speaker. In college, I met a few friends with similar experiences and interests. Together, we formed a public speaking partnership by researching, and practicing effective speaking strategies and giving each other constructive feedback. As a result, I developed into a fearless, and effective speaker with poise and confidence impacting large groups of people. Research shows that most Americans fear public speaking more than death; which conveys that most Americans would prefer being buried rather than speak in front of a large crowd. Use the 3 simple and effective tips below and you will be on the right path to reducing your fear of public speaking and speak more effectively.

Tip #1: Think, prepare, and plan before you speak.

Ask yourself the questions below:

  • What is the purpose of your speech?
    • motivate
    • persuade
    • inform
    • advocate
    • entertain
    • all of the above
    • Other: Specify ______________________________________________________
  • Who is your audience?
    • children
    • adults
    • professionals
    • business
    • Other: Specify ______________________________________________________
  • How will your speech be delivered?
    • Organize your speech based upon your purpose and audience.
    • Use words that will appeal to your listeners.
    • Select a topic of choice.
    • Be clear, concise and specific.
    • Include personal anecdotes to engage the listener.

Tip #2: Practice well before you speak.

  • Many people think that practice makes perfect. Guess what it’s not true. It was never true and will never be true. However, “Great Practice Makes Perfect”.
    • Use a mirror to practice your speech in order to feel more comfortable with the content.
    • Record your speech and play it for auditory feedback.
    • Ask for constructive, and unbiased feedback.

Tip #3: Strategies to exude confidence.

  • If you use the strategies below, even if you are not confident, you can exude confidence.
    • Maintain eye contact with your listeners.
    • Use a loud voice
    • Present yourself with a tall posture
    • Look for cues from your audience such as excitement, boredom, and confusion.
    • For professional feedback, contact Francesca on the contact or booking form.
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  1. I’ve known Francesca since 2009. She is one in a million. Francesca is truly genuine and wants to make a difference.

  2. Francesca is an exemplary educator and woman. She is deeply passionate about her work and community. I’ve known Francesca for two years and the interaction has been nothing but positive and enlightening. Our conversations shed light on her compassion towards academic and economic achievement of minorities, importance of entrepreneurship and maintaining work life balance and self-care. She is a visionary,
    determined, inquisitive, caring and kind hearted person that touched so many lives through her genuine spirit and work ethic.

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